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Tree of Knowledge Go Science EDU-7078 The Bug World
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Tree of Knowledge Go Science EDU-7078 The Bug World

SKU# E-EDU7078
Price per Unit (piece): $17.49

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EDU-7078 Bug World

Tree of Knowledge Go Science EDU-7078 The Bug World

Insects have more than a million species. They have existed for more than 500 million years. Small, microscopic and diminutive insets can be found in every kind of habitat on earth! Allow this kit to encourage yourself and others to become more aware of our natural world, and be more active in the preservation of our wondrous ecosystem.

Let yourself and others get fascinated and intrigued by nature, insects, plants and amphibians with The Bug World. By utilizing patience and observation skills you will discover the intriguing and exciting world of creatures around you. Track the internal life structure of ants, bees and much more!

This fascinating kit “The Bug World” has over 25 fun crawling creature activities! Learn by observing bugs, insects and plant life. Kit also includes a net, magnifying glass, charts and other simple materials. Get started with your own collection! These activities are fun for all ages!

Experiment and Science Fair Project Ideas

  • Collect a few caterpillars from a garden. Paint the inside of one box brown and the other box a yellow color. Place the same amount of caterpillars in each box. Feed them the same food and wait until they form pupae, Keep a log book are the colors of the pupae different in each box or are they the same?
  • What are the effects temperatures has on how fast bugs move?
  • Are more bugs attracted in humid weather? If so, is there a certain type?
  • Track it can be determine what colors of light different bugs are attracted to? Do multiple colors attract a certain kinds of bugs more then solid colors?
  • Which colors of light attract more bugs?
  • Which kinds of bugs are attracted to each color of light?
  • What different kinds of bugs are attracted in the evening then during the day?
  • Count and track the different amounts and kinds of bugs are attracted when there is a full moon compared to dusk?


Price per Unit (piece): $17.49
SKU# E-EDU7078

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