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We developed to fulfill the needs of students and instructional professionals alike. If you have a project you would like to incorporate, but nothing out there fits your needs, CALL US!  We will be happy to develop an electronic kit to fill your requirements.  Our goal is to build this company around developing and providing electronic kits that cater to your needs, not just whats available on today's market. If you need it, we will find it or make it if at all possible. We offer a wide variety of electronic and science kits to fit any curriculum. is designed to be flexible and change with your evolving requirements.

Introducing The Basics, & Digital Theory by ETron Circuit Labs. Next generation Electronic Education Curriculum brought to life in vivid color and illustrations for enhanced hands on interaction. Reimagined fundamental theories and concepts provide a firm foundation for a lifetime in Engineering, Electronics, Automotive Technology, Robotics and Computer Science related careers. The Basics, and Digital Theory were designed from the ground up to be an immersive hands on curriculum that captures the imagination, teaching skills and concepts that are in high demand. Each Lab presents a new challenge and concept that build upon previously introduced ideas bringing a fuller understanding of electronics. The Basics & Digital Theory were written to be STEM Education Compliant (Science, Technology, English & Math) and will cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills through the presentation and completion of challenging experiments., Inc is a proven company that offers quality products, reliable vendors, substantial inventory and impeccable integrity. We have recognized the importance of exposing our students to electronic theory and practical application as early as possible. That’s why we are developing curriculum to fit the needs of our students from Middle School through Community College.   We encourage all comments and suggestions so we may better serve you.

Please be aware we are continuously adding product to fit your needs.  If there is a science project you would like to see offered, please send us an e-mail. We are also adding beakers and all things science/lab related. “MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!”


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Triple Action Solar Powered Car OWI-685

You Save: $8.66
Triple Action Solar Powered Car OWI-685

Triple Action Solar Powered Car OWI-685 Jr. Science Series: Sleek, powerful, unearthly, and very cool... this futuristic solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy.


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